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Fusing Great Products with Great Service

Pietro Galliani Brazing (PGB) S.p.A  has been working in the field of metals processing for more than 100 years. In the Mid 80’s it started the production of silver and copper brazing alloys under form of extruded, drawn and rolled products. Since 1995, PGB has become a European leader in the production of brazing products. In 2000 a new production plant was set up and devoted to the flux powders as well as the flux-coated rods. In 1998 PGB get certified ISO 9002 and in 2003 a new certification ISO 9001-VISION 2000 witnesses its industrial policy as strongly oriented to Global Quality.

In the last years the Company made a huge of investments to renew the plants, some of them being very innovative, in order to increase its technical organization and its professionalism.  PGB  disposes of well-trained  technicians and well-equipped laboratory, being qualified and certified by the Ministry of Education, University and Research of the Italian Republic.

Pietro Galliani Brazing S.p.A prides itself on having one of the most comprehensive product range in Europe. It produces over 1000 different products and continues to create new and innovative solutions every month.Our mission is to help our customers optimize their brazing processes. We do this by understanding the current and future needs of our customers and developing, producing, and marketing the right products and services.

All our products are 100% MADE IN ITALY. Our production is in fact located in Vergato, Italy about 40kms south of Bologna. Unlike most of our competitors we have not out-sourced our production to China or other “low cost” regions. We believe that efficient production, fast service, excellent quality and qualified personnel will give us a distinct advantage over our competitors.

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